Emindset Law Firm has a team of highly skilled professionals with knowledge and experience to give advise to banks in commercial and tax related issues, insurance and financial institutions to develop their business both at national and international levels.

The financial institutions sector is in a process of development that is committed to international transparency and interconnectedness between different institutions, that is modernized and updated every day to provide financial services to new businesses and business models.

There are also rapidly expanding forms of financing, which are replacing some traditional forms financed by companies. Financial institutions are making enormous efforts to adapt to this new reality and be co-partners of the rise of these new forms of financing.

From the Firm, we believe in a strong and deep global financial sector, who understand the needs of individuals and businesses and we want to participate in the growth of new businesses and all forms of wealth creation.

“We believe in the future of the sector and its opportunities for international expansion and consolidation”