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Benchmark in tech company consultancy.

Emindset Law supports modern businesses in their day-to-day operations by smoothly and jointly simplifying and solving their legal challenges. The fact of the matter is that CEO’s surrounded by a good team can do their job better.

Donna Alcala
CEO & Emindset Spain Lawyer

We are aware of the difficulties that modern businesses face in the digital age. For this very reason, our team is continually expanding our knowledge base on the areas that directly and indirectly affect tech firms.

Oriol Giró
CEO & Emindset Andorra Lawyer

We offer a flexible and multidisciplinary service as in-house lawyers for our clients. In each project, we create a specific legal team tasked with negotiating, drawing up, and successfully closing all the legal aspects involved in the operation.

Vanessa Villén
Compliance Officer

Emindset Law’s business model is based on our ability to understand the complex nature of the current business landscape and requirements, to look ahead and have a highly qualified flexible legal team with digital skills.

Do you have a company? Talk to our legal team and learn about our services for companies.


Entrepreneurship, Startups & Innovation

Youtubers & Digital Creators

E-commerce, eSports, fintech & Crypto


Technology Providers

Real Estate


Here you can find the answer to the most frequently asked questions we receive from
our clients.

What is Emindset Law? It is a law firm with offices in Andorra and Spain.

What clients do we work with? With companies, businessmen and entrepreneurs with business or interests in the European Union and Andorra. 

What services do we offer? Incorporation of Companies, Partners / Shareholders Agreements, Drafting of contracts, Mergers and Acquisitions of companies, Rounds of Startup Financing, Data Protection, Regularization of Investments in Cryptocurrencies, Compliance with tax-accounting obligations, Real Estate advice, Labor, Civil and Procedural services, and Foreign Investment in Spain and Andorra.

Who can create a company in Andorra? Any foreign investor regardless of the nationality. 

How much? From 6,000 euros (Lawyer, Notary, Registry and Fees administrative). 

How long it takes? 2-3 months. 

If I have a company in Andorra, can I apply for tax residence? Yes, upon deposit of 15,000 euros to the Andorran Financial Authority in the event that you work for own account (This deposit is returned in case of loss the residence).

Are there other options to reside in Andorra? Yes. Residence and Self-employment and without lucrative activity (“Passive Residence”).

How does it work? The client pays a monthly fee for legal advice business. This fee includes: resolution of day-to-day legal doubts, drafting of contracts, negotiation of agreements, review of websites and apps for their adaptation to data protection regulations, preparation of minutes of Boards and meetings of the administrative body, resolution of incidents out of court. 

How much? From 380 euros / month. 

Is there a permanence clause? Yes, 3 months. This period allows us to know well the Client’s business to correctly adapt the contracts and documents of the Company to the legal regulations that are applicable to it. 

How can I hire it? Sending mail to or calling at +376 728882.