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Setting up and managing business in Andorra


1.High quality of life


Low crime levels; free public education system offering choice between the Andorran, French, Spanish, and, now, English education systems, a country with the best access to high quality healthcare, good climate, good air quality, and protected natural parks making up 36% of the land.

2.Attractive and competitive legal framework.

In recent years Andorra has become one of the leading jurisdictions for all types of businesses, many of which now leverage and take advantage of the benefits provided to them by Andorra for locating their headquarters in the country.


3. Low corporation tax

Andorra is the top choice for business of all the European jurisdictions. Andorra is now clearly a low-tax, transparent jurisdiction due to its concerted effort to shake off a reputation as a tax haven. This move has required large-scale development of the tax system in Andorra to compete with other countries such as Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Cyprus.

4.Tax treaties

Numerous OECD tax information exchange arrangements have been signed since 2009. Treaties to avoid double taxation (DTA) have been signed with France, Spain, Luxembourg, Portugal, Liechtenstein, the United Arab Emirates, Malta, and Cyprus. The Andorran government is seeking to create a network of DTAs to develop the service sector. DTAs boost advocacy of foreign investment and enhance the competitiveness of Andorran companies abroad.


Setting up businesses in Andorra and day-to-day legal processes

We are experts in the setting up of corporations and businesses in Andorra as well as in comprehensive business legal advice: partnership agreements, investment agreements, distribution, agency, advertising and/or partnership contracts, adaptation and compliance on data protection regulation and legislation applicable to digital businesses.

Obtaining fiscal residency in Andorra

We guide you on all aspects of fiscal residency in Andorra. Support includes preparing documents, applying for residence authorisation, and deregistering fiscal residency in the country of origin, and other additional services.

Bank Account Opening

Opening a bank account in Andorra is not an easy process. With Emindset Law, you’ll have no problems as we smooth over all the steps. We take care of preparing interviews and meetings with the bank, we handle and prepare the documentation needed to open a bank account, and we deal with any incidents regarding any possible blocked bank accounts.

“Andorra attracts innovation and tech by opening up the economy and focusing on foreign investment.

We firmly believe in entrepreneurship in Andorra and we know that the big companies of tomorrow are today’s entrepreneurs. That’s why at Emindset Law we offer legal guidance and solutions to foreign investors who make the choice to come to live and work in Andorra on everything from the authorisation of foreign investment, incorporation, trademark registration, website adaptation for the corresponding regulations to licensing agreements, funding rounds, opening bank accounts and much more. We want your landing in Andorra to be as quick and smooth as possible for you.”