Currently, the regulatory compliance procedures that banks apply to new clients are exhaustive, complicated and lengthy
We have extensive experience working with banks in Andorra and Spain and we offer our clients full and comprehensive support in opening an approved and working bank account.
So, we prepare reports and guide clients resident in Andorra, Spain, or abroad on how to submit your application to a bank, based on our experience in the sector.
We accompany our clients to each and every meeting with the bank to ensure the opening and subsequent activation of the bank account.

We help our clients resident in Andorra, Spain, or abroad with the paperwork and opening of a bank account abroad.
We take care of all administrative tasks involved in obtaining the apostilled documents to be submitted to the bank.
We handle negotiations with the bank on the application and we intercede directly with the bank.

With our extensive experience and knowledge of the sector, our specialist team can help you in negotiations with the bank on credit and/or mortgage applications to secure outstanding conditions.

Our firm has experts equipped for banking litigation on all types of financial products.
Likewise, we also take care of exhausting the extrajudicial means in the first instance.

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