The experts on the team provide an ongoing service to human resources departments in national and international companies across all sectors of the Andorran and Spanish economy.
This enables us to help different companies in the recruitment of national and/or international staff by carrying out all the administrative and legal tasks involved in recruitment.
Likewise, we also handle Social Security matters and draft specific employment contracts tailored to the needs of each client.

We help our clients to design, analyze, and implement salary polices, incentive programms (Phantom Shares, Stock Options, awarding shares to employees, and similar schemes)

We design, negotiate, and draft contracts for upper management tailored to the needs of the client: exclusivity, non-compete, and non-disclosure agreements.

Our firm is known for its effective mediation in employment disputes between businesses and employees. We advise and intervene in the resolution of employment disputes to reach out of court settlements. Our experts have prior experience of handling numerous employments litigation. Our strategy is to explore all out of court options through negotiation and mediation with employees and then defend our clients in court, in employment tribunals such as, for example, salary or dismissal claims.

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