Emindset Law consultancy on e-commerce and data protection covers all businesses and sectors, both in Spain and Andorra and across multiple jurisdictions. The e-commerce and information society services we offer include designing electronic purchasing processes, compliance with the Spanish Law on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSI), and legal aspects relating to website design.

We also provide businesses with guidance on defining their data protection policies to avoid penalties (difference between personal and business data, the obligation to inform and securing consent on and off-line, implementing procedures for the exercise of rights by data subjects, assistance with complaints and information requests, and more).

We offer our clients a comprehensive copyright service based on negotiating and drawing up contracts to protect their work, such as software, hardware, YouTube videos, online courses, photographs, books, etc. Our young and entrepreneurial spirit and our tech experience has allowed us to gain trust of Developers, YouTubers, Influencers, Talent Agencies and digital creators. We provide advice on content contracts (editing, audiovisual production, image rights, formats, and purchasing content, etc…).

We advise on, negotiate, and draw up licensing and franchise contracts as well as other operations involving trademarks. We defend items of industrial property against online piracy. Many of our clients are businesspeople with important personal and corporate brands (Forbes 30 Under 30) in the digital sector and they are also the owners of the corresponding domain names. That is why it is essential they can call upon a specialist conflict resolution team, experienced in both domestic and international cases, that utilises alternative conflict resolution methods.

Bitcoin is a digital currency created in 2009 that is not backed or controlled by a central bank or government. Transactions performed using bitcoin have no intermediaries and the security of these transactions is safeguarded by Blockchain (the technological base of bitcoin).
This is a blockchain of transactions that enhances data management (a sort of digital ledger).
Emindset Law lawyers provide advice on the drafting of Smart Contracts for use in meeting commitments and paying for services or goods and the resolution of legal and regulatory issues arising from blockchain.

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