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Pioneers in advising private investors that are passionate about technology and innovation. We work with business angels, accelerators and incubators, venture capital firms and crowdfunding and crowdlending platforms. We are part of the Idodi Venture Capital team, we collaborate with the accelerators CONECTOR and NIU, and we have closed financing rounds with top-level investors.

Some of the investment undertakings that called on our expertise and advice belong to the technology (artificial intelligence, virtual reality, video games, etc.), real estate (PropTech), finance (FinTech) and healthcare (eHealth) industries, among others. Our role as advisers to investors includes investment and divestment operations, acquisitions, and the commercial and fiscal design of the structures suited to carrying out such operations.

Advisory services in the field of venture capital involve the efforts of a multidisciplinary team of experts in mergers and acquisitions, commercial, tax and labour law. We create synergies between investors and entrepreneurs to prepare investors for their purchase of the entrepreneurs’ share capital, providing the latter with the financing they need.

  • Setting up of venture capital entities.
  • Investment structuring and fundraising.
  • Advice for shareholders and fund managers.
  • Acquisition of all types of companies through purchase, merger, capital increase, etc. and preparation of incentive plans for management teams.
  • Advice on divestment strategies.
We protect your investments
Venture capital: a prerequisite for economic development

Your role as a private investor is essential to economic development. The firm will help you create added value for the company being financed, so that once the project is mature enough, the corresponding capital gains are assured in the event of success. We give you the security you need in your venture capital operations, providing you with multidisciplinary assistance throughout the process of defining and making your investments (letter of intent, negotiating investment and divestment agreements).

We create the right investment vehicle for you
The industry is undergoing changes

Investment activity is growing more complex and sophisticated in terms of financing. What’s more, there are other aspects that often require advisers who are able to give a global response to investors. An environment that is becoming more and more regulated, which necessitates awareness of the regulatory framework and the context of compliance in which the company finds itself; greater competition that compels the investor to be more creative in terms of value creation.

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