Our tax team analyses corporate structures and advises both companies located in Andorra and Spain and abroad, as we work with various experts on tax in multiple jurisdictions. Guidance covers all areas of tax law, tax planning in mergers and acquisitions, the study of tax issues in commercial operations.

We advise our clients on such important issues as tax in inheritances, estates, employment, and more, both nationally and internationally thanks to our team of multilingual experts. We write reports and legal opinions on personal matters raised by our clients regarding personal tax.

With a team of multilingual tax specialists and our partners in other jurisdictions we can conduct analysis and tax planning on an international scale, as well as provide assistance in complex operations taxed in both the origin and destination country.

We offer advice to our clients on indirect taxation, specifically regarding the Andorran General Indirect Tax (the equivalent of VAT) and Property Transfer Tax (known as ITP in Andorra).
We also advise our clients on specific municipal taxes.

The accounting department at Emindset is linked to the commercial and tax department. We offer recurring and specific consultancy on Andorran, Spanish, and EU accounting standards. Our experts analyze the applicable accounting treatment for business operations, file and declare taxes, prepare annual accounts, double tax agreements, intra-community VAT, and more.

We help our clients with optimized tax planning according to their needs.
We advise both private individuals and corporate bodies resident in Andorra, Spain, or abroad by analyzing their personal circumstances and conducting a fiscal study to minimize their tax liabilities.

We assist our clients in the selection of the most appropriate type of administrative and tax residency for their circumstances and obtaining residency by handling all administrative and legal matters involved in settling in Andorra.
Likewise, we advise clients who have recently moved to Andorra and Spain on the formal requirements they must fulfill after obtaining fiscal residency, such as, for example, cancelling tax registration in their country of origin.

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